After School Enrichments

Haven Hill Studio offers a variety of after school enrichments.  Please check out our current offerings!

Create with Clay

Experiment with all sorts of varying clays! We’ll do projects with air dry, oven baked and stoneware clays.  Some projects you’ll take home the same day you make them  Others will require baking or firing and subsequent glazing to finish up!  No experience needed.  All tools and materials provided.

Mixed Media

Let’s mix it up with all sorts of different materials! Pipe cleaners, string, paint, clay, buttons, paper, cloth, beads and stones just to name a few. We’ll embark on a creative experience each week and explore the use of all sorts of different materials to create our masterpieces!

Some projects you’ll take home the same day you make them. Others may require drying, baking or kiln firing to finish up! No experience needed. All tools and materials are provided.

Art and Games

We’ll use various mediums to make some of your favorite games! Create a masterpiece and then use that game to challenge your friends and family for years to come!

All About Beading

Learn several techniques to create beaded masterpieces!  Beading is more than just jewelry – it’s really just a medium with endless colors and possibilities.  In this class you will create several projects.  First, you’ll make a design and then using the Square Stitch re-create that design in beads.  The designs can be as small as a pendant up to much larger projects like bookmark or coaster. Experience the gratification of seeing your design come to life in vibrant colors!

Remember those Hama/Perler beads that you used to create small designs with that were melted into plastic coasters? For our next project You will use  those same beads and take it to a completely new level. Learn the Peyote Stitch and weave a design of beads to cover a container for pencils, a plant or whatever else you can imagine!

Of course, jewelry is always a possibility with beads.  Amaze your friends with your new talent of bracelet making! This project teaches you how to do the Russian Spiral Stitch which produces a really remarkable rope of interlocking beads to form a bracelet.  A whole new twist on the friendship bracelet!

Learn to Knit

Ready to learn a lifetime pastime?! Knitting is the best! Sit back, relax and create beautiful items to use, wear or give as gifts! We’ll start simple with learning how to cast on, then move on to knit and purl stitches. We’ll make some small swatches to ensure the basics are practiced and well understood, then we’ll move on to a project of each student’s choice like a small purse, washcloth, cellphone case or small purse. A complete beginner’s course in knitting!

Please contact us for additional information about our classes or if you are interested in bringing one of courses to your school!